Adam Porter <> writes:

> Well, it's been a few years since I forgot to bump this thread. [0]  :) 
> I just rediscovered it after wondering why the command 
> org-insert-subheading still doesn't have a default binding.  May we 
> revisit this?  I find myself wanting to insert a subheading almost every 
> day, and I have to "M-x org-insert-subheading RET".
> Of course I could bind it myself, and in one of my configs I have, but I 
> still think it deserves a default binding, even if it were to be a 
> "smart" command that worked like org-table-copy-down when in a table and 
> does org-insert-subheading otherwise (because I still think that "S-RET" 
> is an obviously appropriate binding for this command).
> What do you think?  =)

I think that it still makes sense, even after all these years ;)
Would you be interested to submit a patch?

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