Bastien <> writes:

>> 1. For org-insert-heading, we have multiple variants that allow
>>    inserting heading at point, after current subtree, and the same
>>    variants for TODO heading. We don't have enough key combinations left
>>    to allow all the equivalents for subheadings.
>> 2. With `org-cycle-level-after-item/entry-creation' set to t (default),
>>    it is actually very easy to create a subheading/subitem using the
>>    available C/M-[S]-<RET> commands. Just do M-<RET> <TAB>. And the same
>>    will work for inserting todo headings.
> I'm not sure I follow the reasoning here: do you say that we don't
> need to find a keybinding for `org-insert-subheading/subitem' because
> it is already easy enough to insert a subheading/item using a certain
> combinaison of commands?

> Or do you suggest we need to find another prefix than "C-M-"? Which
> one?

I mean that it seems to be easy to insert subheading/subitem already.

You can try:

* Heading<point>


* Heading<point>


- item<point>

We even have this documented in the Structural Editing section of the

‘<TAB>’ (‘org-cycle’)
     In a new entry with no text yet, the first ‘<TAB>’ demotes the
     entry to become a child of the previous one.  The next ‘<TAB>’
     makes it a parent, and so on, all the way to top level.  Yet
     another ‘<TAB>’, and you are back to the initial level.

Probably, we should mention "subitem/subheading" words in the index or
find some other way to emphasize that it is possible to demote
subheading with TAB.

> What matter the most to me here is the consistency of commands, but if
> the keybindings can reflect that, all the better.

For me, it is important to keep consistency of the keys as well - these
are the core Org keys, and they should be as intuitive as possible.

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