Hi Adam,

Adam Porter <a...@alphapapa.net> writes:

> The "C-M-RET" binding doesn't feel quite right to me.  Using "shift"
> feels like a mnemonic for "sub", whereas "C-M" seems like it should do
> something much less frequently used, since it requires two
> modifiers.

I agree that S- suggests "sub".

I've been playing around with C-RET, M-RET, S-RET and I do believe
there is room for improvement here, along with a dedicated keybinding
for `org-insert-subheading/subitem'.  I will refine my proposal later

> Ihor also made some good points in his message about the combinations
> of commands to insert before/after, with/without TODO, etc, and that
> "M-<RET> <TAB>" is already a quick way to insert a subheading (I
> wasn't aware of the option
> `org-cycle-level-after-item/entry-creation').  So maybe this idea of
> mine isn't as important as I thought.  :)

Even if we end up not binding a new key for `org-insert-subheading',
it will be good to add org-clone-item and org-insert-subitem and
perhaps to improve bindings in this area. I will think again about



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