Bastien Guerry <> writes:

>>> Of course I could bind it myself, and in one of my configs I have, but I 
>>> still think it deserves a default binding, even if it were to be a 
>>> "smart" command that worked like org-table-copy-down when in a table and 
>>> does org-insert-subheading otherwise (because I still think that "S-RET" 
>>> is an obviously appropriate binding for this command).
>>> What do you think?  =)
>> I think that it still makes sense, even after all these years ;)
> +1!  Thanks for reviving this thread.
> I would suggest a larger set of enhancements here:
> - S-RET on a heading copies down the heading.
>   For that we would need a new command `org-clone-subtree' bound to
>   S-RET that would immediately copy the heading at point. This command
>   would accept a universal argument to allow for a number a clones and
>   two universal arguments for adding a time shift.
>   `org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift' would continue to be bound to
>   `C-c C-x c' but would be really a call to `org-clone-subtree'
> ...
> S-RET already "copy down" a table cells, so I'm really suggesting a
> generalization of the current keybinding.

This makes sense.

> - S-RET on a list item calls `org-insert-subitem`, a new command.

Did you mean `org-clone-item'?

> - C-M-RET on a heading calls `org-insert-subheading', the existing
>   command.
> - C-M-RET on a list item calls `org-insert-subitem', a new command.
> I like C-M-RET better than S-RET because inserting a subheading is
> like a "subkey" or inserting a heading.

I tried to play around a bit with various flavours of X-<RET> commands
and I am not sure if I like C-M-RET:

1. For org-insert-heading, we have multiple variants that allow
   inserting heading at point, after current subtree, and the same
   variants for TODO heading. We don't have enough key combinations left
   to allow all the equivalents for subheadings.

2. With `org-cycle-level-after-item/entry-creation' set to t (default),
   it is actually very easy to create a subheading/subitem using the
   available C/M-[S]-<RET> commands. Just do M-<RET> <TAB>. And the same
   will work for inserting todo headings.

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