Luis Anaya <> wrote:

> Hi:
> Being that groff is not available in org mode (at least by default, I 
> decided to give it a try and write a driver to export Org files into 
> groff with the use of the -mm macros. 
> Being that I'm not familiar with many of the facilities in Org mode, 
> I am modifying the org-latex.el to write groff markups. 
> In its current incarnation it exports the titles, content and basic
> support for tables
> You can see the resultant output at:
> Really messy code currently in

If you are going to continue working on this and take it further, it
would be a good idea to change your starting point: org-latex.el is on
its way to extinction, to be replaced by Nicolas Goaziou's "new"
exporter. The code for that is in contrib/lisp/org-export.el, and the
latex/html/ascii backends are implemented in
contrib/lisp/org-e-{latex,html,ascii}.el. They are all based on a "real"
org parser in contrib/lisp/org-elements.el, as opposed to the ad-hoc
collection that the current backends use.


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