>From the documentation, I know that captions work with inline images
and tables, but for some reason when then inline images are generated
through org-babel, #+CAPTION keys turns into regular text. What am I
doing wrong now? :)

-- ORG Source --

#+TITLE: Graphic Tests
#+AUTHOR: Luis R. Anaya
#+GROFF_ATTR: :alignment center
* PlantUML
#+CAPTION: plantuml drawing
#+begin_src plantuml :cmdline -Teps :file x.eps
[A] --> [B]
* Gnuplot
#+CAPTION: gnuplot drawing
#+begin_src gnuplot :file salida.pic
set term gpic
plot sin(x)

-- Groff Output --

.MT 1
.H 1 "PlantUML"
#+CAPTION: plantuml drawing
.PSPIC "x.eps"
.FG "" 
.H 1 "Gnuplot"
#+CAPTION: gnuplot drawing
copy "salida.pic"
.FG "" 


Resultant output in PDF at:  http://ppl.ug/YGVUBTwhknY/


Luis Anaya
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