Ok, no attributes then :)

I just fixed footnotes, only automated footnotes  for now
I have to wait until I get home when I get a hold of my
UNIX MM book to get custom footnote markers added. 

(I'm on the road on holidays... before you ask, my wife's cousins
are in town. sitting down coding in Emacs LISP is a welcome break).

In terms of keywords, they all have to be revised, and many of them
are going to be removed. (Like long tables). I'll changed them from 
tag=value to :blah value, right now they're not really meaningful for
groff and many of them stubbed. 

I proposed to keep an eye on my github repository. I'll be working
on it and hopefully should be ready for prime time. 

(If I do not collapse of exhaustion taking care of them. :( )



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