Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> I can't promise to keep an eye on the repository, but if you have any
> question (if possible with an example to illustrate it, as I don't know
> groff syntax), do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks, I will. The only concern that I have is that there are times
that export hangs.  I need to figure that one out, I'll keep you

>> (If I do not collapse of exhaustion taking care of them. :( )
> There's the `sleep-for' function for that.


It'll execute for a looong time over the weekend 


In other news I added various enhancements. Including:

1. Automated caption support. I need to figure out how to get the
caption text (via CAPTION? via ATTR ? ). Right now generic ones are
added which they show up in the table of content. 

2. EPS diagrams import support. I mostly needs it for plantuml
diagrams. Groff only supports ps and eps only. But automated plantuml
diagrams do get created and inlined (via .PSPIC) when the file is exported.

3. Quotes and Verse support.  Currently hardcoded to helvetica. I should think 
customizing fonts via defcustom, but for now, this is it.

4. Improvements on footnotes. Currently creating footnotes by taking the
value from :label. 

5. Lists (numeric and bullets). 

Sample output is here:

I have a general question though. Equation and Picture creation 
support in Groff is done with the use of the "eqn" and "pic" programs. 
I've been debating if these should be included in org-babel, 
for executing these the same way plantuml is  executed through the use
of #+begin_src #+end_src 

However considering that these are Groff only I'm not sure if these
would be better served by using special attributes to add pic/eqn
code. This is because the output of these commands are Groff statements
that only make sense in Groff. 



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