Luis Anaya <papoan...@hotmail.com> writes:

> First release (?!) of the org-e-groff.el is available. I still need to
> do more testing but it manages to export from org.

Thanks for that new back-end.

> The code is in the same github location,
> http://github.com/papoanaya/emacs_utils.

I see this is based on org-e-latex.el.  While this is a fast way to have
a back-end running in the short term, it adds a lot of useless code (for
example footnote handling is very specific and, as such, probably wrong
on your back-end) and I'm not sure it will be a win in the long run.

For future back-ends, I suggest to use an incremental approach, starting
from scratch and adding features and transcoders step by step.
Complexity can wait.

Also, the way e-latex handles attributes isn't an example to follow: it
uses "key=value" instead of ":key value".  If you use the latter, you
can benefit from `org-export-read-attribute' function.

Speaking of attributes, org-e-groff.el has to add "ATTR_GROFF" to both
`org-element-affiliated-keywords' and `org-element-multiple-keywords'.

> One thing I have not managed to export are the deadlines/scheduled dates. 
> The code to export and add the appropriate markup is completed, but 
> that code is not running.

By default, planning info are not exported.  See
`org-export-with-planning' variable.

> I am aware that there is a flag at org-export.el to control the
> output,  but they are all "t".  Before I go all crazy on this, I need
> to ask if this is a feature to control its output or am I missing
> something that I should take a look.

Are you talking about org-export-with-* variables?  Some of them have
a nil value (planning is an example). What do you want to know about


Nicolas Goaziou

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