> I see this is based on org-e-latex.el. While this is a fast way to have
> a back-end running in the short term, it adds a lot of useless code (for
> example footnote handling is very specific and, as such, probably wrong
> on your back-end) and I'm not sure it will be a win in the long run.

True. I wanted to get something going to get the feel of the routine.  I know
that there is a lot of latex specific code, and I will clean it up as testing
goes on. 

In terms of foot notes. I did adjust to the way GROFF uses them, but when I

tested them nothing came out. The way it works is to insert a .FS/.FE pair

on the text to be footnoted. GROFF will place the text in the footnote

and automatically add the marker in the location that the .FS/.FE marks
where placed. 

Well, it is not working... so needs to be fixed :)

[chomp... good suggestions!]

> Speaking of attributes, org-e-groff.el has to add "ATTR_GROFF" to both
> `org-element-affiliated-keywords' and `org-element-multiple-keywords'.
> > One thing I have not managed to export are the deadlines/scheduled dates.
> > The code to export and add the appropriate markup is completed, but
> > that code is not running.
> By default, planning info are not exported. See
> `org-export-with-planning' variable.

I suspected that there was a variable that controlled it; but I was not sure, 
thanks for clarifying.
> Are you talking about org-export-with-* variables? Some of them have
> a nil value (planning is an example). What do you want to know about
> them?

I thought that these were used to control the export of the planning 
information. But you already answered my question.



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