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> suvayu ali <fatkasuvayu+li...@gmail.com> writes:
> Hi:
>> Does that mean a user can add any new language like this with her/his
>> definitions in their personal setup? If that is possible it would be
>> a really flexible setup.
> Yes. If you sit down and create the language specification in GNU Source
> Highlight, you can add any languages. I would have to do that for work
> being that we used a specialized version of TCL.

Great. :)

>> would be good to see whether they stand out well when surrounded by
>> normal text.
> I think that it is a fair question.
> For that I had to do some minor changes to make it more evident from the
> last one that you saw. These are:
> 1. Changed from DS L to DS I. It will cause the text to be indented.
> 2. Force black pen on fallback mode. This required an emacs lisp code
> change.
> 3. Remove the font reduction. I placed it before because of some long
> code that I used for testing. I do not think that you need to do that
> for writing code in org.
> Source: http://ppl.ug/R-WxCXnp_As/
> PDF Output: http://ppl.ug/At07I2gFUBo/

This looks beautiful! Now it's up to Nicolas to comment whether he would
like any other changes in the code. I think the backend is now looking
pretty mature, and all in a few days work!

Great work,



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