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>> Correct. However the reason is because of the way I wrote groff definition
>> in GNU source highlight.  (i. e. black and white only).
>> GNU source highlight does support colorization. It is a matter of
>> mapping those colors to the right code in groff. Frankly, I've never used
>> colorization in groff before. I just need to try it though...
>> Well, I guess something else to do :)
> Glad that my comments urged you. :)


I had to read on how to put colors in groff, at least I learned 
something new today :). 

Colorized version:
PDF Output:

You'll notice that DUMMY refers to a #+begin_src dummy, this will
default to black and white in constant width. This will happen if the
language is not in the list of language that is stored in 

Being that GNU source highlight allows for the creation of
new language colorization schemes.  This variable will need to be 
updated accordingly when a new language is added in source highlight to get it

Otherwise, it will default to courier, black and white. 

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