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> Hi:
> Last but not least, source code highlight support. Unlike LaTeX, there
> is no package for source code highlight in groff. Looking around, I
> decided to use GNU source highlight as a solution. The reason being
> that the way output definitions are declared is through the use of
> configuration files. In this way, I created one for groff (I should
> submit it for inclusion... we'll see).  I have also saw it in use in the
> WXE editor, hence I'm sort of familiar. However, most importantly,
> it supports COBOL :).
> (well, it does... its importance may be in question... )
> This feature is controlled by a variable. If it is nil, it shows
> the code listing using the courier font (constant width).
> Source:
>    http://ppl.ug/LN7rEdf2yS4/
> PDF Output:
>    http://ppl.ug/FfaTWqLLwEA/
> All right... what else I need to do now? :)

I see all the source blocks are black, but the tokens are emphasised
properly as per the syntax. Is it supposed to be like that (as in black
text not coloured as minted does for LaTeX export)?


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