I'm still working on this exporter, however being that my boss wants me to do
some actual productive work, I need to split the time between work and
hacking in emacs lisp.

However, during the week I performed the following coding changes to the
groff exporter:

1. Cleaned up some issues related to nested lists and special blocks.
2. Added formatting control on tables. Now the use of <l> <w> and <c>
will propagate in the exported table.
3. Added a new option for title line on tables (:title-line). It overrides the 
line to cb (centralized bold).
4. Added support to propagate column width. It will convert 5 characters
to one centimeter. It works sort of ok, but it's groff's doing, not
org-mode. Needs more testing, but what I want to export, it's being
exported fine.
5. Removed irrelevant code, more needs to be removed. This will be ongoing.

Some of these have been discovered while eating my own dog food. I have
an org file in which I store all the meeting notes. I started to export
those to PDF using the groff exporter. Things that have been found that
have resulted in bugs are being fixed and propagated. I'll do that to
make sure that the exporter is stable for daily use by... using it
daily. :)

Luis Anaya
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"Do not use 100 words if you can say it in 10" - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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