On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 5:02 AM, Christian Moe <m...@christianmoe.com> wrote:
> I have a rough, working example of this enabling Zotero cites for ODT
> export (attached). I've been meaning to polish it up as a contributed
> module for Zotero users, but if there's interest in a unified citation
> syntax along these lines, I could rewrite it to work for Bibtex as well.
Hi Christian,

I'm really interested in this, as I use Zotero not only for writing
but for group bibliographies in my  courses.  The broader conversation
about the appropriate syntax is a bit beyond me, but I do have a
couple of questions about your work with Zotero:

(1) How do you get the Zotero cite keys right now, and what method do
you think would ultimately be the best to try for?  Since zotero now
operates as a service, I would think it should be possible to write an
emacs plugin that communicates directly to Zotero the way that the
word/libreoffice plugin does (though I don't know how to do that stuff

(2) How might you generalize the export to other formats, esp. HTML?
I imagine the best thing to do would be to use citeproc.js & set the
citation format using a variable, e.g.


The option to do this would be great e.g. for people (like me) who use
org to compose blog posts, then process through the html export (in my
case via org2blog).

(3) Have you seen Erik Hetzner's zotero-plain,
https://bitbucket.org/egh/zotero-plain ?  Would it be useful to your
work? I see Erik is already involved in this thread, do you have any
comments Erik?

Thank you for this!


> Yours,
> Christian Moe

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