Marcin Borkowski <> writes:
> I do not use Org-mode for authoring (I'm quite happy with LaTeX itself
> for that), and in LaTeX, I use neither bibtex nor biblatex; but AFAIK,
> bibtex is basically dead like John Cleese's parrot.  I don't even think
> that it needs to or should be supported; the faster bibtex usage fades
> away, the better.

As a point of clarification, bibtex syntax and bib files remain alive
and well (albeit with modifications) for those who use biblatex.

> What I would suggest is to look into amsrefs manual.  The amsrefs
> package was (is?) an interesting attempt at a /pure LaTeX/ solution to
> the bibliography problem, not dependent on any executable other than
> LaTeX.  It is not capable of sorting bibliographies, but other than
> that is quite powerful (much more than bibtex, though seemingly less
> than biblatex).  What is interesting here is its \ycite and \ocite
> commands (see
>; it
> might be a good idea to support something similar.  (I'm not sure
> whether biblatex supports such a thing.)

Most biblatex backends have multiple versions of cite commands. I use
biblatex-chicago, which provides, among others, \autocite, \fullcite,
\citetitle, \footfullcite, \headlesscite, \headlessfullcite, \shortcite.


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