Le 23/11/2014 00:20, Nicolas Goaziou a écrit :
> M-RET, is, first and foremost, an important keybinding for editing the
> /structure/ of the document. The behaviour you want to add has nothing
> to do with structure.

I guess this is the main decision point about Rasmus's proposal.

I'm not sure I understand the /structure/ argument. (Is structure about
hiding blocks? Parsing org docs?).

Nicolas, you have worked a lot on this topic (org-element, new drawer
syntax). May be you could elaborate on this.

> As a consequence, I'm not sure it should go with M-RET, and if it does,
> I'm pretty sure it should not override the main purpose of the binding.
> Inserting headlines, and possibly items, is much more important than
> duplicating keywords.

We already have M-RET for splitting a table cell
(org-table-wrap-region). Should this feature be remapped to some other


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