Thierry Banel <tbanelweb...@free.fr> writes:

> I'm not sure I understand the /structure/ argument. (Is structure
> about hiding blocks? Parsing org docs?).
> Nicolas, you have worked a lot on this topic (org-element, new drawer
>syntax). May be you could elaborate on this.

M-RET, C-RET are the major mean to insert headlines (the structure of
the document) and items, which are very important features. I'm pretty
sure these bindings are in muscle memory of many Org users. Asking them
to take into account context before using M-RET is a big downside.
I think, on the contrary, that it should do its job without exception.

> We already have M-RET for splitting a table cell
> (org-table-wrap-region). Should this feature be remapped to some other
> key-binding?

Binding `org-table-wrap-region' to an important keybinding such as M-RET
is wrong IMO. Anyway, that's not the subject here, which is to avoid
adding more clutter to M-RET. Let's not make it another C-c C-c.


Nicolas Goaziou

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