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>> Still, I think overload M-RET is more intuitive,
> "Intuitiveness" is in the eye of the beholder... 


> Maybe some users will not find intuitive that M-RET usually inserts a
> headline... unless it is in a plain list, in which case it inserts an
> item... oh wait, if it is at a keyword it can duplicate it... but,
> wait, it doesn't happen for every keyword... ah! and in source blocks
> it...

Not to forget tables. . .

>> but I fear our opinions will fail to converge.
> If you want to convince me, show me that this binding makes Org simpler
> to use, or, at least, equally simple. Until then, I stand on my ground.

This is a Sisyphean task.  Even if a number of participants of this ML
would chime in, we would still not know whether it would confuse or
benefit new users.

>From my point of view, we can make every function tied to M-RET beyond
`org-insert-headline' configurable and turned off by default.  This may,
however, also add confusion ("why did M-RET work in X's Org but not in

At this point, I doubt I can add novel, useful inputs to the discussion.


And I faced endless streams of vendor-approved Ikea furniture. . .

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