Nicolas Goaziou <m...@nicolasgoaziou.fr> writes:

> Thierry Banel <tbanelweb...@free.fr> writes:
>> I'm not sure I understand the /structure/ argument. (Is structure
>> about hiding blocks? Parsing org docs?).
>> Nicolas, you have worked a lot on this topic (org-element, new drawer
>>syntax). May be you could elaborate on this.
> M-RET, C-RET are the major mean to insert headlines (the structure of
> the document) and items, which are very important features. I'm pretty
> sure these bindings are in muscle memory of many Org users. Asking them
> to take into account context before using M-RET is a big downside.
> I think, on the contrary, that it should do its job without exception.

I don't find it complicated at all. . .  It's DWIM!

>> We already have M-RET for splitting a table cell
>> (org-table-wrap-region). Should this feature be remapped to some other
>> key-binding?
> Binding `org-table-wrap-region' to an important keybinding such as M-RET
> is wrong IMO. Anyway, that's not the subject here, which is to avoid
> adding more clutter to M-RET. Let's not make it another C-c C-c.

The fact that `org-table-wrap-region' is bound to M-RET is the reason
I'd bind `org-insert-keyword' to M-RET. . .

Anyway, do we have /another/ key that these two functions could be
migrated to?


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