On 07/27/2015 08:10 AM, Marcin Borkowski wrote:

Please refrain from comments about my stupidity or stupidity of the
so-called IP law.  And please understand that if I'm sounding a bit
angry in this email, it's because I'm *very* angry about this whole
lawyer mafia restricting my freedom (again).  (Note: I'm all for
restricting people's freedom when there are important reasons for that.
I just consider this situation not to be one of these.)

If I understand correctly, you wish to use code that other people have written and published under the GPL. These people made the free choice put the conditions of the GPL on the code. I don't see how it is anything other than improper to reuse the code in a public domain setting. I prefer to respect the choices of the code's writers.

Scott Randby

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