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> And I see no reason to impose GPL on them.))


> And please understand that if I'm sounding a bit angry in this email,
> it's because I'm *very* angry about this whole lawyer mafia
> restricting my freedom (again).  (Note: I'm all for restricting
> people's freedom when there are important reasons for that.  I just
> consider this situation not to be one of these.)

Interestingly enough, the whole premise of FSF and GPL is that
restrictions imposed by hiding code and/or not allowing redistribution
are restricting our freedom!

You'll find some (many?) of us on this list will disagree fundamentally
with you: for me, GPL is about freedom and ensuring that freedom is
not restricted.  Imposing GPL, as you put it, is about ensuring that
those that want to make use of our code or text pass on the same rights
they made use of in using this code or text.

Note that all of the above is for people writing code that they
subsequently wish to distribute.  If they keep it to themselves, the
licence used is a non-issue...  

Of course, nobody is forced to use any code I write so I am not stopping
anybody from doing whatever they want with *their* code.  Although my
contributions to org are infinitesimally small, I expect the GPL to be
observed in any derivation of org.

YMMV, of course :-)
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