On 09/22/2016 12:48 PM, tero.kaarl...@eka-sorvaus.fi wrote:
> Hi,
>   I need to add G84 canned cycle for tapping with floating holder. I found 
> Michaels work here 
> http://git.mah.priv.at/gitweb/emc2-dev.git/shortlog/refs/heads/g84-dev
>   And was able to add interp/g84,g74: floating tap cycle  and canon: add 
> optional wait_for_atspeed . Later is for overriding spindle_at_speed waiting 
> after changing spindle rotation direction before pulling Z back from bottom 
> of thread. But I have few questions:

Hi Tero, welcome!

> 1. In interp_cycles.cc there was plane_name(plane)  used and it is now 
> obsolete? What to use instead? ie. ERS("G%c4 for plane %s not implemented",  
> op, plane_name(plane));

plane_name() is still in interp_cycles.cc, it is not obsoleted.

> 2. There has been changes in taskintf.cc emcSpindleSpeed function. It seems 
> to call emcSpindleOn function nowadays instead of directly using 
> emcmotCommand. And now this call:
> int emcSpindleSpeed(double speed, double css_factor, double offset)
> {
> if (emcmotStatus.spindle.speed == 0)
> return 0; //spindle stopped, not updating speed
> return emcSpindleOn(speed, css_factor, offset, 1); <==
> }
> Gives me error: Too few arguments passed to emcSpindleOn function. I added 
> that 1 so emcSpindleSpeed always turns on wait_for_spindle_at_speed. But is 
> there a better way?

What version of the code are you looking at that emcSpindleOn() takes 4 
arguments?  In 2.6, 2.7, and the master branch it takes 3 arguments.  Is 
the 4th argument something you're trying to add?

If you added a 4th argument to emcSpindleOn() you'd have to update every 
caller of that function to pass in something sensible there.

But maybe we should take a step back first; how are you planning to 
implement G84?  What's the desired behavior, and what's the code changes 
you're planning to make to implement that behavior?

> 3. How can I run diff of my local source agains current master?

If you're working in a local clone of our git repo, you run "git diff 

If you have not already read our guide for contributors, it may answer 
some of your workflow questions: 

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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