On 12 October 2016 at 12:43, Marius Alksnys <mar...@robotise.lt> wrote:
> I am surprised that LinuxCNC has more translations than it is declared.
> There is Russian translation and docs miss that! I asked my Russian
> friend, old LinuxCNC user (who reads Russian LinuxCNC forum a lot) if
> LinuxCNC has Russian translation and he answered No!

He is at least partially incorrect.

If you look at Nick's Youtube videos you can see that he has at least
Cyrillic menus and some messages.

Every text element in GladeVCP has a "translatable" property. This
uses gettext() which I believe is the same system as used by LinuxCNC.

I think that, for a standalone UI, the instructions here should be sufficient:

To integrate into the overall LinuxCNC ranslation scheme might be more

Oh, and where you say:
> No surprise there is no Lithuanian translation :)

You could create one with a few hours of typing.

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