Some of our folks built a metal kiln and we tried to melt some aluminum 
swarf the neighboring metalshop discarded, at least what we thought was 
aluminum (no confirmation, but it wasn't steel). We got almost no metal, 
just inches of dross.  No inert gas or flux there, in fact the metal was 
exposed to combustion gases.


On 9/25/2016 1:05 PM, Stuart Stevenson wrote:
> Industrial recyclers also discount aluminum swarf unless it is in compacted
> puck form. Much of the uncompacted swarf oxidizes (disappears) when melted.
> The pucks melt the same as solids.
> On Sep 25, 2016 12:50 PM, "Todd Zuercher" <> wrote:
> A number of recycles don't want anything to do with the stuff and only take
> it at a deeply discounted rate.
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> On Sunday 25 September 2016 12:39:38 Jon Elson wrote:
>> On 09/24/2016 01:58 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> 43/25.4 to get inches = 1.6929etc * pi *rpms, so its 3.63"
>>> per rev, and 800 revs is then 2900 SFM. So I should be
>>> turning at least 1200-1300 to dup that. Right?
>> Well, 800 RPM is not insanely slow for that diameter.  I
>> didn't realize this was lathe work.  But, you definitely can
>> spin faster, and nothing wrong with 4000 SFPM.
>>> The question then is what the heck do I do with all that
>>> curly swarf? Making the pulley hub, and boring the pulley,
>>> (its all together and looks like it will work, well
>>> aligned now) made at least a bushel of gnarly swarf I
>>> carried to the bin in sometimes soccer ball gobs. And the
>>> lathe is still a mess. I'll have to sweep before its clean
>>> enough not to clog up the vacuum.
>> When I make a lot of aluminum chips, I can turn them in for
>> recycling.
> I tried that but these local people on the monthly recycle pickup seem to
> equate pop & beer cans with alu and didn't take a bag of alu swarf.
>> I used to run them through an antique meat
>> grinder, but that was too much work.  If the chips won't
>> mash down, you can snip them a little with tin snips to make
>> them compact better.  A proper chip breaker on the cutter
>> may  make them crumble into shorter pieces.
> I don't think 6061 is hard enough to break.  Most of my inserts have a
> nice little chip breaker bump, curls them up fairly tight.  Makes sand
> out of cast iron and 7075-T6 or better though.
>>> Interesting swarf story to tell this morning. The wire
>>> joints for the x motor, located where the wire comes out
>>> of the cable/chain, so its basically on top of the motor,
>>> and the cable is connected to the motor wires with little
>>> grey wire nuts. A lot of the swarf went off the back of
>>> the toolbox, crossing the area where those nuts are
>>> sticking up. Your are guessing by now where this is going.
>>> At one point it must have shorted, and about 4" of that
>>> swarf lit up white hot and exploded like a fuse, nice
>>> attention getting pop. The 2M542 driver protected itself
>>> well, the motor never missed a step! I either need to put
>>> that in a small box, or at least fill the back of the nuts
>>> with Go-2. Cheers, Gene Heskett
>> Well, I had swarf get in the motor once or twice on my old
>> lathe, but very lucky that didn't blow up your driver.
> They are advertised as being self protective. I don't know if once proves
> the point.  It did make quite a flash though. I had a thumb poised over
> the esc key just in case, but when it came time to move it again, it
> moved as per told.  And I took a breath. :)
>> Jon
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