hello all,

     I need some help and suggestions on interfacing dmm dyn4 servo 
driver with Linuxcnc
At the moment I have 4 liner axis bellow is a rough outline of what i 
have in mind. My 2 questions are:

  Dose this make sense or is there a better way to do this? (am I 
completely out to lunch)

  What hardware should i use to bring these signals in and out of linux 
cnc bearing in mind i will need IO for limit switches cycle start and 
feed over rides ect. I was leaning toward a mesa 7i92 because of its 
network interface allowing me to keep all my io wiring short and clean 
just leaving me one network cable to control computer. but not sure what 
to use for daughter cards but am open to other suggestions.

current plan for linear axis

- Run the servo in position mode

- Feed the servo  drive a step and direction signal from linuxcnc let 
the drive do its magic with its own pid loop.

- Take the encoder signal from the servo drive for linxcnc to use in 
displaying position in the gui ect.

- Take the position error signal from the drive and feed this back to 
linuxcnc for warning error ect

servo spec for step pulse
5vdc +-10%
max pulse freq 500khz
min plse with 0.8us

servo spec encoder signal output
5vdc standard line drive output with +A -A +B -B Z
z pulse 0.7us

servo spec position error
analog out put of 0 to 3.3 vdc with zero error at 1.65vdc

I can supply the spec sheets and manuals from dmm if more info is needed
thanks in advance for any help or thoughts you can provide.


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