2016-10-16 19:12 GMT-03:00 andy pugh <bodge...@gmail.com>:

> Why not extrude the full width, cut out the centre, and put the
> cut-out part back in the extruder?
> It might even be possible to extrude with a hole on the middle if the
> extrusion nozzle had a gate in it. I don't even know if that is
> possible, though I know that plastic net is made by moving extrusion
> dies

Hello Andy.

That would be a good way of doing it too. Do you think that making the
extruder could be less complicated than making the injection mold and
piston? I'm a little lost because I don't have experience in this field and
it's hard to tell how big and costly things could be with one approach or
the other.

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