On Monday 17 October 2016 01:51:32 Roland Jollivet wrote:

> On 17 October 2016 at 06:21, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> wrote:
> > Greetings everybody;
> >
> > I just spent over an hour, trolling the net looking for a decent
> > copy of the footprint for one of those 2505 nut mounts, because I
> > need to carve up a spacer pad to put under it, 16.5 mm's thick.
> >
> > I measured the length and width of the one I bought as being 35mm
> > wide and 60mm's long.  But when I finally find a printable, readable
> > copy of a 2505 mounts footprint, from DSG, they show it as being
> > 40mm's wide, and 66m's long.
> >
> > I have real serious doubts my new last week 6" all modes digital
> > caliper is that far off. I'll see if the bolt pattern is also
> > different tomorrow.  This chart says the pattern for the 6mm bolts
> > is 24mm's wide and 50mm's long.
> >
> > Or, ugly thought, revoltin development even, is there more than
> > one "standard" mount for a 2505 nut?
> >
> > =================================
> Hi Gene
> There is no 'standard' for ballscrews or ballnuts. I would say the
> dimensions are 'manufacturer specific', and then the cheaper brands
> will simply use other brands as a reference, as in copying SKF.
> However, I quickly looked up Hiwin
> <https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&cad=
>2E7Q9w&sig2=U9aOX_j_ST4aQfLulp4CPw> ballnuts, and on pg41 I see a 35mm
> x 60 long version. I hope this helps.
> Regards
> Roland

Not a lot Roland, that several page long chart is for the nuts 
themselves. Nut mounts, other than what they should do well in terms of 
alignment with the nut to screw axis, aren't mentioned anyplace in that 
nominally 206 page pdf.

Google for "ball nut mount footprints", and this one fits the screw I 
have perfectly, is the "hip roofed" style for a 2505 screw. There are 
also square topped varieties.

Go here:
scroll to the bottom of the page. The lower left image is the style of 
nut mount I have. Clicking on that image, which I didn't know you could 
do, links eventually to:

Which agrees 100% with the DSG charts for a 2505.  So now I have 2 
different sources for a footprint drawing whose data match.  It looks 
like I have some measurements to double check once the pills and coffee 
kick in. Thats sort of an osmosis like process. :)

Thanks Roland. I appreciate the effort to help.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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