Here is a much improved version, newer than mine.   Also much better photos
and description of functions.

Looks like the key eBay search term is "2017"   The above link might be to
a kit but they come assembled if you look.

I doubt the seller speak English the text looks like automatic translation
from Chinese

On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 1:46 PM, Chris Albertson <>

>> A gismo called a Capacitor Wizard, around $200 from a guy in Kansas City
>> does the definitive such test, measuring the equivalelent series
>> resistance, aka ESR, and any capacitor that reads over 2 ohms ought to
>> be replaced.
> While on the subject of test equipment.  I just got one of these things.
> Highly recommend
> Not "definitive" but also much less expensive at only $10 is those "three
> terminal testers" that are all over eBay.  Measurement error varies but
> generally it's "a few percent"
> Here is what it does... basically "magic"
> Place ANY device in the meter, a resister, cap, inductor FET, NPN bipolar,
> DC motor or light bulb what ever you have in the junk drawer, I does not
> matter in what order you place the transistor leads and the meter will
> identify and characterize the part.   The meter has three input terminals
> so you can cone any device that has up to three leads.
> So I pull a random stepper motor out of my box of salvaged parts and the
> meter tells me that (1) It found a coil and the coil's inductance and
> resistance
> Then I place a capacitor on the meter and the meter tells me that (1) if
> found a capacitor and its value and ESR
> Next I try a diode and the meter tells it it's a diode and which way I've
> connected it and the forward drop and the gate capacitance.
> Then I pick up some random little metal can with three leads coming out
> the bottom and the meter (1) tells me I have an NPN bipolar transistor and
> (2) tells me which lead is which and characterized the transistor for me
> giving hFE
> Then I find some other random part and it tells me I have an FET and IDs
> the part.
> Costs $10.
> It is totally open source design with schematics and source code available
> so you can see how it works.
> Here is one random eBay seller -- there are MANY.
> Diode-Triode-LCR-ESR-Meter-MOS-PNP-NPN
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