On 12.08.17 15:18, Gene Heskett wrote:
> A gismo called a Capacitor Wizard, around $200 from a guy in Kansas City 
> does the definitive such test, measuring the equivalelent series 
> resistance, aka ESR, and any capacitor that reads over 2 ohms ought to 
> be replaced.

Like Chris, I bought a $10 kit from Banggood, same PCB & firmware
(judging by the sisplay) as this one:


I put 3 clipleads on it - much more convenient than a restrictive
in-line socket. A beercan-sized electrolytic's finger-thick terminals go
into a DIL socket only with difficulty.

It's not accurate to twenty decimals, but I'm just looking for 5
milliohms or fifty - which it does with aplomb. (Leaving $190 change on
the wizard.)

Ah, here's the kit I bought:



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