On Friday 16 February 2018 11:19:09 jeremy youngs wrote:

> I have one of those motors. On the Z of my mill, with a 60 volt psu,
> very poor performance. 27 ipm or stall lifting the head on the G0704.
> With the 860 drive and 48 volts I could only get about 60 ipm . The
> automation direct ( kelling) drives at 120 volt really make the
> difference, far less motor heating as well.

Thats my experience too. Change the motor for an 8 wire 960inch, and I 
can now move that g0704's head at 140 ipm, either direction. And do it 
20 db quieter than the 860 drive could do it. That A. D. line powered 
drive is amazing. But it sticks out of the front of the box around 2", 
precluding ever putting the lid back on it.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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