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> I already talk about why I can not use slicing program .

I missed.  Maybe you can re-post.

> If one can do change to existing slicing software then I am interesting to
> talk.

Of course software can be changed.   It is just a text file you can
edit.   The key is having EXACT testable requirements.  Software
projects typically fail when the goal can't be clearly stated.

One way to state the problem and a proposed solution is to make a most
simple part possible.    If the machine is a 3D printer this simplest
part might be to draw one line of plastic one nozzle width wide and 1
mm long directly on the base place.  It would be a tiny part 1mm long
by 0.4mm wide and 0.2mm tall.  The code file would have about 3 or 4
lines after a standard "boiler plate".

Don't do exactly that, but if you do start with a very trivial example
the entire g-code fits in a short email.

The other problem is a procedural.   Each email lacks the context of
there discussion few people will remember details for days able if
they read 100 emails a day.  For example I'm reading/wrinting about
design of a human-like hand and the cost of linear actuators, about
ball bearing design and a software project.  and a few other things.
I suspect everyone has multiple projects that move slow.

Maybe the best thing you can do is explain the machine you have and
the problem to be solved and a method for determining of a proposed
solution solves the problem.    Perhaps place this on a web page so
you don't have to re-write this 100 times.


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