I've been working with CANopen for the last 20 years or so and with CAN from 
1992.  Microchip has a CANopen slave stack that you look at although it's 
optimized for space and speed which means it's not optimized for readability.

CANopen isn't really great a real time due to the arbitration CSMA/CR approach. 
 But having said that I've written programs that turn both CANopen DC Servos 
and get feedback from Absolute encoders.  Also ran a small CANopen Step Servo a 
while ago and pulled data from inclinometers.

For more hard real time applications the MilCAN protocol is more ideal because 
all the messages are synchronized to SYNC FLAG messages and the arbitration is 
limited to within a SYNC FLAG period avoiding jitter on messages.  But there's 
pretty well nothing available commercially for MilCAN unfortunately.

Where CAN bus systems really excel in automation is for things like tool 
changers and part loaders/unloaders, control of coolant and other devices etc.  

Still one of the best books on CANopen is this one.  Looks like it's back in 
print too.  I've used it to create a master CANopen Stack.

John Dammeyer

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> DS402 profile is common for motion control both on ordinary CAN networks
> and CANopen over Ethercat. It would most certainly be of great use to have
> support for it and other communication profiles like encoder in Linuxcnc.
> I am currently looking on implementation on Ethercat there SOEM/SOES as
> is used for CANopen over Ethercat. I also found CAN festival. Do anybody
> know about more freely available CANopen implementations?
> Nicklas Karlsson
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