> ...
> For more hard real time applications the MilCAN protocol is more ideal 
> because all the messages are synchronized to SYNC FLAG messages and the 
> arbitration is limited to within a SYNC FLAG period avoiding jitter on 
> messages.  But there's pretty well nothing available commercially for MilCAN 
> unfortunately.

CANopen have a SYNC message, this is not as good as SYNC FLAG?

> Where CAN bus systems really excel in automation is for things like tool 
> changers and part loaders/unloaders, control of coolant and other devices etc.

Sound reasonable. I plan to use it over Ethercat, its just to get some kind of 
standarized message for configuration or whenever there is a need to 
communicate with the device.

> Still one of the best books on CANopen is this one.  Looks like it's back in 
> print too.  I've used it to create a master CANopen Stack.
> https://www.canopenbook.com/

Nice picture, I will try to look at it.

Regards Nicklas Karlsson

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