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"John Dammeyer" <jo...@autoartisans.com> wrote:

> Hi Nicklas 
> When CANopen first came out I was quite resistant to the protocol.   But as 
> I've used it more I've come to appreciate it's positives.   A lot of COTS 
> devices out there don't support the whole concept of everything configurable 
> with files and on power up.   But it doesn't really matter.


> And although CANopen is really good as a PLC replacement and the number of 
> devices that now are compatible makes doing projects very simple there are 
> other areas where it just wouldn't work.   Ethercat is probably better for 
> full axis control.

I use CANopen with PLC. I have chosen Ethercat for full axis control but also 
have a CAN connector if needed.

Nicklas Karlsson

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