On 4/9/19 6:09 AM, Sam Sokolik wrote:
STMBL amps are really quite cool....

Me playing with one as a spindle drive..


Impressive Sam. Added a brownie point to your video. It would be nice to see the block diagram of your setup. What impressed me is the fact that you are using a Dell laptop with LinuxCNC. This is exactly what I had in mind when I started a discussion about problems with looking for a motherboard that will run RT kernel many weeks ago. Precise timing should be offloaded to microcontrollers then any PC could run LinuxCNC frontend.

I have no problem with somebody making $$$ when they make a line of products that can handle different work environments from hobby to large production sizes. As long as some of it is open source and agreed on communication standards or protocols then competition takes care of the rest of it; marketing, options development, advertising, support.

Looking for more details about your setup ;-)

Rafael Skodlar

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