My dream would be "broadcon" going out of business ending all the Rpi crap.

A big bag of cash falling from the sky over all the LCNC devs homes.

Someone putting effort into 4+ axis open source CAM or other useful

On 4/11/19 7:42 PM, Danny Miller wrote:
> Well, what I would ideally picture is a realtime hardware motion
> controlled coupled to a Raspberry PI running Linux non-RT, the PI is
> hooked to a PC and has an embedded http server.  At that point you
> access it via browser and load and control control your job from the
> PC interface.  estop etc is still on the hardware.  At that point it
> does not matter if you use Windows or Linux.
> Danny
> On 4/11/2019 7:19 PM, bari wrote:
>> I disagree. The problem is making the machine configuration easy. If
>> LCNC ran on Winders or Androids, many would still complain about how
>> difficult it is to configure. Active High vs Low for Limit switches,
>> Home switches, Step and Dir signals, encoder pulses per rev. etc etc is
>> far to challenging for many to deal with.
>> On 4/11/19 2:41 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
>>> If the machine controler could run on a me=aintstream OS (like
>>> Windows 10)
>>> and on a normal notebook PC it would be orders of magnitude more
>>> popular
>>> and widly used
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