On Wednesday 17 April 2019 15:06:02 Chris Albertson wrote:

> But if maybe you lock the spindle and turn the nut.

This is the case, except you are turnbing the nut by using the xy 
steppers to drive the carousel which is turning the nut.

> Then your spindle 
> lock needs to have a torque gauge fitted.  The gauge is either a
> spring and switch or a load cell.   The switch is much easier to
> interface with.

This is true, but before I start, how much power to I have in the 
steppers before they start slipping steps? In order to get enough torque 
on the nut, I need to know how much push is available w/o having to 
rehome the thing after I've tightened the nut.  That tells me how long a 
wrench "handle" I need to achieve the required torque.  That handle 
length is the radius of where the nut is from the center bearing of the 

> On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 12:17 AM Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> 
> > On Wednesday 17 April 2019 01:48:06 Chris Albertson wrote:
> > > I think you could eliminate the load cell and simply measure motor
> > > current.  Given that the motor is locked at zero RPM, the torque
> > > would be a function of current.  Once you calibrate current to
> > > torque it will not change.   You still need to get this data into
> > > a computer but at least you don't need to build a mechanical
> > > widget, just a hall effect sensor on more lead wire.

Take care Chris.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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