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> > > [...]
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> > > > But if maybe you lock the spindle and turn the nut.
> > >
> > > This is the case, except you are turnbing the nut by using the xy
> > > steppers to drive the carousel which is turning the nut.
> > >
> > > > Then your spindle
> > > > lock needs to have a torque gauge fitted.  The gauge is either a
> > > > spring and switch or a load cell.   The switch is much easier to
> > > > interface with. <
> >
> > https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/emc-users>
> >
> >
> > Hi Gene
> >
> > To recap; small steppers 'drive' the carousel around to tighten the
> > motor. Bad idea.
> >
> > Here's a different way of looking at it;
> > Keep the current stepper arrangement, but drive the carousel
> > instead, with a windscreen wiper motor.
> > You now have as much torque as you like in the carousel. Add a
> > reduction drive if you like. If you mount this under the bed you can
> > go to town on it.
> >
> > Gene might include a visual
> Gene could give a visual clue with each of these posts.

My movie camera is fairly hidef, a Sony handicam that works at 720x480, a 
1 minute clip is around 50 megabytes.  That would be abusing the server, 
so I don't. I  could also link to the movies on my web page, but my 
upload bw, at 175 kb sucks.0

> So search ' xatc ' in Google

I'll do that.
> Sorry I can't get this phone to copy the hackaday url ( stupid
> Newton!)
> You will see he needs to move the spindle about the carousel center.
> Not turn the carousel about it's center.
> ( The design as it is now)
> That needs an xy move of the carousel center Or an arc motion of the
> center or
> some lever motion or ( insert favorite idea here).
> The process would be to move into tool position, Z down, then either
> track
> > the motion of the carousel, or disable the stepper drives and let
> > them coast as the carousel takes the spindle with it as it
> > loosens/tightens. Once you've reached your target Amperage on the
> > motor, stop, and Z up. The X,Y is now a 'don't care', so home the
> > machine.
> > You then further rotate the carousel to home with a single switch so
> > it's always ready.
> >
> > Regards
> > Roland
> Hth tomp
It all helps, TomP. It gives me an assortment of ideas. Unanswered are 
questions that can only be determined by building it and testing it.

Like for instance using 'Merican tools because thats what I can 
(generally) buy here, and metric collets which are a lot smaller a jump 
between sizes, how many turns between using the spindle motor to "take 
up the slack", then driving the nut until a 4mm collet has a good grip 
on a 1/8" shank is needed. A 3mm collet just isn't big enough, but the 
collet crush in that 4mm case might be more than a full turn as the 
threads on an ER12 are finer than the threads on the TTS. I liked the 
idea of driveing the socket with a rack, until I calculated the needed 
rack length to get 2 full turns of the socket when its driving bull gear 
is a 3"er.  A good 12" of rack sticking out. Unforch, my imagination 
doesn't always come up with practical ideas, so I'm back to a chain 
drive, with a minimum small tooth sprocket of about 8 teeth, or a chain 
of idler gears, all on decent bearings or at least needle cartridges. 
Bring money in a little red wagon.                                              
Also is the problem I'm having with this YL-620-A VFD. I have found some 
of its config options, but low frequency boost escapes me so far. With 
an amprobe on a motor lead, I get max current at about 14 k revs of 
about 3.6 amps. At a requested 4000 revs, its actually turning about 200 
and I can stop it with one finger. At 3900, it hits maybe 500 at start 
up, but eventually fades to a stop with a very small pull occasionally 
while the H display claims something over 60 HZ but not much over an 

Take my finger away and it will eventually get back to maybe 100revs, 
drawing not much more than an amp.  No LF boost at all. The vendor 
hasn't replied to my help message other than saying he has asked his 
supplier, 2 days ago. Since, crickets. This is Thursday, and if no 
helpful info by Monday I think I'll ask ebay for a Haun Yang or a 
refund. I think I get the refund, extend my 250 volt single phase line 
to it and get a 220 volt motor and VFD of at least a 2.2KW rating. The 
one on the Sheldon is happy as a clam running that 1 hp motor at 10HZ. I 
think I've used the back gear once!  And its done it for half an hour at 
a time w/o heating the motor to the I can't touch it state.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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