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> more precisely (see the french "1901 law" which specifies all the
> legal stuff , and it is for all associations), it is not possible to
> share profits out among a set of people (like the creators of the
> association)

Ah, I see the keyword there is "association". I guess equivalent to
saying "tax exempt organization" in US. Just organization would not have
the same meaning. Sometimes also referred to as NPO, non profit
organization. The US IRS code is 501, but there are many types.

> Paypal is not for free, we receive a percentage of what is donated

Paypal does charge the recipient a fee if they are a business or
entity. Charities should have reduced fees if 501c3.

Some of that likely also comes from conversion fees. The previous one
had some flat rates

Depends on where the money is coming from and going to.

> in France, for associations, a bank account is never free of charge.
> In that regard, paypal is better than a bank account

France may not be the best country for such entity. I am not sure you
can turn things over to say SPI or SFC if the entity is in any country
other than US.



The 2nd is also connected to SFLC

William L. Thomson Jr.

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