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> > Yup, paypal is not free and not without risk.
> Nothing is without risk. But digital currency is very risky. At least
> there is some customer service, fraud protection etc.

well tbh you're right here. crypto currencies swing far more in value on a
daily/weekly basis than the usd or euro do in a whole year.

that's kind of ha;f the fun of them... :)

> There is also Google Pay (wallet), but I am not a fan of Google. It also
> is not nearly as widely used.
> > > > in France, for associations, a bank account is never free of
> > > > charge. In that regard, paypal is better than a bank account  
> > > 
> > > France may not be the best country for such entity. I am not sure
> > > you can turn things over to say SPI or SFC if the entity is in any
> > > country other than US.  
> > 
> > What would be the benefit of SPI/SFC ?
> In short they handling the financial and legal paper work and
> compliance. They are accountants, attorneys/lawyers, etc. Things most
> tech projects and communities lack. Handing it over to another ensures
> things are kept in order, legal filings done on time, properly, etc.
> They do charge a fee, and are not perfect, pros and cons. Just
> mentioning for consideration.

i don't think we're going to want to pay fees for the small amounts we keep.

just fyi,.. the better your relationship with the bank, the cheapr and better
it is. i bank with hsbc and i can transfer money world-wide to/from my accounts
in various countries for free. i don't even have to change the currency. that's
a separate step.. no limit on transfer sizes either. i also can keep one of
about 20 or 30 currencies and exchange at will without transferring. but e.fr
doesn't have this and i can't see any way for that to happen, so crypto
currencies are not a bad way to break down these barriers and move money around
the world, despite the volatility.

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