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I have had a problem with kodi on the enlightenment desktop for quite
some time and have had no luck trying to resolve it.

The problem is that kodi only shows a black window when it is in
windowed mode.  It works fine in full screen mode. It has been like this
since about the time xbmc became kodi.

This occurs with Ubuntu, Arch and openSuse with Intel and Nvidia video

Has anyone used kodi on their enlightenment desktop in windowed mode
with success?

I have not had any luck searching for solutions on the internet.

I like to use kodi in windowed mode so I can keep an eye on other things
going on such as temperature when using it as a media player without
having to close the app or switch to a different terminal.



I've had a similar experience with various apps using hardware acceleration,
so I blamed Radeon for it.

The workaround for me has been to press Ctrl+Alt+End which restarts the
compositor and the app window is rendered properly thereafter.

HTH in your case.

Thank you for responding but unfortunately no luck with the Ctrl+Alt+End.

I have seen that there are similar problems when using the Cinnamon
desktop that has something to do with the rendering of kodi.

I was hoping someone had it working from the list and could tell me
their secret.  :-)



out of the box (amdgpu driver). FYI I also have it working on an intel gfx system too - no issues there. have had that one going for maybe 1.5 years? i have in the past had it work on nvidia drivers too. sorry that it's a tale of "it just works" with no help there, but suffice to say it can and does work for people, so maybe there is something more specific you are doing that others are
not that causes this?

Thank you for the information.  You and Daniel both give me hope that it can be done as it is being done.  It is more than likely something that I am doing or failing to do.

Ubuntu is the only distro I build enlightenment from source anymore and my Arch boxes are pretty sparse with what I install so I may be missing something.  Also these are all laptops with intel i5 or i7 with either intel or nvidia video which I should have mentioned in the beginning.

I just wanted to report that kodi 18.1 is working now in windowed mode on my updated arch computer with enlightenment 22.4 and efl 1.21.1-2 after updating this week. I don't know what was causing the problem but it works now. Hooray.



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