On 21.9.2016 11:03, Klaus Hartnegg wrote:
Am 21.09.2016 um 08:56 schrieb Jaroslav Uher:
Link on page https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all.html
for my localization (czech) point to

, but after clicking i get "Firefox Setup 38.5.1esr.exe" from
https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net (which is really 38 version)

This "feature" is caused by their server trying to interpret your
operating system, and delivering old versions when it deems your OS
incompatible with the latest version.

That feature should be disabled for that page. It shouldn't matter if I run my own OS that runs only my own programs when I want to download a ESR for later deployment.

Timo Pietilä
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