On 21.9.2016 12:13, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:

Le 21/09/2016 à 11:09, Jaroslav Uher a écrit :
I agree with disabling.

btw it is improperly implemented feature, I am on win XP SP2, which is
supported for Firefox 45 line. Users like me are not able to simply
found and install latest esr release.
If I remember correctly, we propose this version because sha-1 is
deprecated and 45 cannot be installed directly.
The idea is to give you 38 and you will be updated to 45.

If the 45 binary works out of the box on XP SP2, we can have the
discussion on disabling that (don't hesitate to report a bug about that).

Point is that it doesn't matter if binary works directly on XP SP2. You are downloading a ESR which is intended for corporations and for distribution to large amount of computers.

I could be downloading windows binary with Linux and that wouldn't work for sure. Or I could use my android phone with google drive for windows binary. That check in that page is just pointless.

(added Enterprise@mozilla.org for discussion).

Timo Pietilä
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