Hi All,

Bit of an odd one this.  In Windows 10 (edition 1803) Firefox install okay on 
clean installs.  After installing the Avecto Defendpoint client, it installs 
okay in Safe Mode.  However... in normal mode, the installer unpacks the files, 
but then stops.  The installer window doesn't open.  Putting the ".exe" file 
into compatibility mode for 7 or 8 means the installer windows opens, you can 
select options, but then the progress bar hangs at about 10%.

The cause is clearly Avecto Defendpoint Client.  The install is being done with 
an Admin account, so the client shouldn't be getting involved at all.  Firefox 
also installs without issue in previous editions of Windows 10 (with the client 
installed).  Previous versions of Firefox have the same issue when trying to 
install in edition 1803 with the client active.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

I'd like to whitelist the install files in the Avecto console to see if that 
resolves the issue.  Where does the ".exe" upack the files to?




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