I have the Minolta Monocular converter, and I've tried using it with my 500
f8 RF, 300 f4.5 MD and a few others.  Not a really worthwhile experience.
Before you spend money, I suggest you try it out using adhesive tape or
whatever to hold it roughly in place.  The converter has a focal length of
10mm and so you get an effective magnification of "lens focal length in mm"
/ 10mm.  i.e. 10-40x on your zoom.    What really kills it is the small exit
pupil, making viewing seriously deficient.  Your zoom would offer something
like 0.7 to 0.8mm  (approx.   filter diam./ 40)  at the long end, and I
think you'll find it quite difficult to view in comfort.  Give it a try
before committing yourself.

M Stewart              Milton Keynes, UK

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Subject: EOS Telescope Adapter Eyepiece & IS Activation

>Hi EOSophiles,

>I am trying to get hold of an "eyepiece" to put on my telephoto lenses, in
>place of the camera body so that I can use them as telescopes, in order to
>save weight (not to mention money) when out photographing & watching

>My first question is - does anyone know where I can come by such a device
>a Canon EF fit? WJM has told me that he has seen such items advertised in
>the past but not recently.

>I have obtained a "Minolta Lens/Monocular Converter" & found a company
>called SRB Film in Luton, England who are very helpfully prepared to
>the mount on it to Canon EF but I would also like to be able to take
>advantage of the image stabiliser on my 100-400. I found the lens contact
>pin-out details (below) on WJM's site but I am not an electronics expert.
>Can anyone tell me what is likely to be needed to turn on the IS?


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