Try to find an EOS to T-mount (or M42) adapter.

Mead makes a camera adapter (for their range of 1 1/4"
telescopes) which can be used in reverse as an eyepiece
holder for T-mount lenses.  (Normally this adapter
would be used to mount a T-mount camera to their 


> Hi EOSophiles,
> I am trying to get hold of an “eyepiece” to put on my telephoto lenses, in 
> place of the camera body so that I can use them as telescopes, in order to 
> save weight (not to mention money) when out photographing & watching 
> wildlife.
> My first question is - does anyone know where I can come by such a device in 
> a Canon EF fit? WJM has told me that he has seen such items advertised in 
> the past but not recently.
Lars Michael                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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