Studies have shown having PV in cool climates is a bit more efficient than hot 
climates as the cool air improves how the PV works and extends working life.  
Lawrence Rhodes 
>The last studies I saw (which I can try to dig up) showed PV energy payback at 
>between 1 and 4 years -- so with a 25+ year lifespan, they should easily pay 
>back, even in a climate like Seattle or Germany.
>Now, if you put it on a highway, which they seem to tear up and resurface 
>every 3 or 4 years around here to add lanes or just have fun with orange 
>cones, it doesn't make as much sense.  I really question the sense of putting 
>solar where semi trucks and snowplows and studded tires and chains have a 
>chance to tear it up... even concrete wears down pretty bad after 10+ years of 
>that.  Much better in my mind to put it above the highway as a canopy.
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