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> Hello Cor,
> I have seen a "dust to dust" comparison of the inputs necessary to "have" a
> particular mdoel of car.


> Interesting and not surprising to many EV types, the Prius was found
> slightly less environmentally favorable than said Hummer.

Geez, you just bent the needle on my BS detector.  This smells like one of
those "studies" (sponsored lies) you might find on one of the right-wing
fringe outlets.  The first clue is that it makes no sense to make a
comparison of the energy costs to "have" a particular kind of vehicle, and
allow the Hummer to compete as a low-mileage driveway queen.  That's what
you do to force the numbers to go in your favor.  The only useful
comparison is energy cost per mile, or over an equal number of miles.

If the Prius was only slightly less environmentally favorable under those
skewed conditions, it is easily (embarrassingly?) superior in a realistic

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