I asked you to give background for your absolute statement that an
unproven technology is the only solution

and all you offer is a hopelessly hopeful vision paper with possible
scenarios, that has no background as to

*how* they expect that the magical solution they hope to achieve can do
what they promote it to be?

Sorry, but the emperor still has no clothes.


It really is telling to me when Fuel Cell promoting organisations are
pulling out of Hydrogen Fuel Cell

promotion, because they have done the math and concluded that there is
no future in Hydrogen Fuel Cell

technology, since it is an energy sink, besides its obvious problems, it
is simple physics that make the

Hydrogen Fuel Cell completely unattractive except in a few niche
applications such as in space.

And maybe in California, as long as the money is flowing into this
"promising" technology...


As always - time will tell. We will be left with a few nice EV
conversions unless Toyota only leases it...

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Old news.

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        - this is news to me. Care to elaborate?

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